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Save Time and Money with our Professional Baggage Solutions

A unique opportunity from K2 Global - Now independent stores can benefit from

K2 Direct Wholesale Luggage Supply

How K2 Direct  works  

  • Lower Your Stockholding 

  • Cash Positive Sales With Agreed Credit Terms 

  • Use Our Delivery Services As Your Sales Point 

  • Your Customer Remains Your Customer 

  • Your Customers Can Have Their Purchases Delivered Anywhere** Or To Anyone In The United Kingdom Or European Union 

  • Give Yourself More Sales Space – You Might Want To Broaden Your Range Of Stock But Not The Number Of Items You Hold 

  • Our Warehouse Effectively Becomes Your Warehouse

In these tough economic times you want to minimise your cash flow tied up in stock, or reduce multiple items taking up valuable sales space, but what happens when a customer is standing in front of you asking for a product you do not have in stock ?

K2 Direct is the answer - once you have set up an account with us simply call to check item availability, then email us or fax the delivery information for your customer.

Any orders received for K2 Direct stock items received before 1200hrs midday can be delivered the next working day directly to the customer’s chosen address.

Once the item has been delivered, we will invoice you for the wholesale cost of the item plus delivery for payment within your agreed credit terms making you cash positive on the transaction.

We would recommend you hold a few stock items in store for the customer to view or should the customer want to buy immediately – with K2 Direct you could be selling hundreds of bags and only have a stockholding of one !  

What is K2 Direct ?

You advise us what product you want, and we deliver it directly to your customer !

How much will it cost ?

The price of the stock remains the wholesale price you would have paid, we only charge for the delivery !  

What are the benefits ?

You do not have to hold the stock to sell it !  

How do you start ?

Simply open an account with us (if you don’t have one already) No stock purchase is required* !  

Who charges the customer ?

You charge the customer as normal – they are your customer !  

*Although no stock purchase is necessary we would advise holding a small representative

collection of items for customers to evaluate before delivery.  


**Standard delivery tariffs quoted are for Mainland UK delivery regions only – for any other

region or if you are unsure, please phone us to confirm.

Direct to You or Your Customer

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